“The Professional Appraisal Company”

Our certified appraisers cover the following categories:


machine tools, sheetmetal fabricating machinery, cnc machine tools, inspection equipment, manual operated machinery, munitions manufacturing including bullets & artillery shells, food processing equipment, chemical processing, environmental cleaning equipment, forklifts, overhead & jib cranes, conveyors, ovens, wire processing, fence fabrication


bulldozers, dump trucks, crawlers, agricultural harvesters, boom and mobile cranes, off  road trucks, dump trailers, earthmoving equipment


trailer-tractor trucks, flatbed trailers, refrigerated & plain vans, double dump loaders, dump trucks, aircraft, rolling stock including cars &  busses


barges, floating cranes, boats, docks, amphibious water craft


powder paint processing line, wire galvanizing line, surveying equipment, electronics testing, electronic processing, optical processing equipment.

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